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The Size Fantastic Difference:
Healthy Weight Loss is Not Just About Will-Power and “Eating Less and Exercising More”!
Understand WHY You Eat What You Do, and a Whole New Philosophy of Eating!
Reset Your “Store Fat” Mental Programs!
Discover How To “Eat To Nourish” and Feel Your Body Thrive!
Plus a Whole Lot More… Read On Below:
Everyone Has A Size Fantastic…
What’s Yours?

Everyone has a size or weight that feels just right for them… and being that weight or  size means something different to each one of you. If you struggle with your weight, you’ll know exactly what I mean.  You will also know that it is not just  about a number on a scale.  It affects your whole life.

When I ask people what it would mean to them to be their “Size Fantastic” they usually say one or more of the following:

If you’ve struggled with your weight, you may be struggling with other things too, like your relationship with food and your relationship with yourself.Feeling stuck?

If you aren’t currently the healthiest and happiest version of yourself, it can feel like you are carrying a huge burden around with you.  Your self esteem takes a hit and it’s easy to feel hopeless and overwhelmed and like something has stolen the joy out of your life. Sadly, because most of us are familiar with the old energy balance equation “energy in = energy out” or have been told by more than one health authority to “eat less and move more” in simple terms; most people trying to lose weight turn to a “diet”.

It’s no wonder that most people who have weight problems have been on at least one unhealthy fad diet and most likely have tried a few things that didn’t work. Unfortunately research shows us that a history of dieting, deprivation or over-restriction will only make weight control matters worse and can actually lead to weight gain.  That’s why finding something that works and lasts in more important than ever.

About 12 months ago I enrolled into Size Fantastic and … a year down the track I have reached and maintained my ideal Size Fantastic weight for me! …it was … learning more about me and understanding why I have rollercoastered in my weight throughout my life. So now I eat to nourish instead of … emotional eating!

NikiWife, and Executive Coach

This program is a lot different from other programs, it looks at why you eat….. rather than just telling you to eat “this” and exercise.
Size Fantastic is an overall program that helps you with your life and is enduring for your life.


Your Current Weight tells a story, it’s part of your identity.  It says something about who you are, something about your past, something about your present, the environment you live in and whether it is toxic or nourishing, it gives clues about what’s important to you and the hurts you are holding onto… now.

Your relationship with food gives hints about some of the coping mechanisms you have in place to soothe, protect, compensate for or distract yourself from pain, dissatisfaction, boredom or feeling unfulfilled, misunderstood or lonely. The best way to move forward with yourself is with curiosity, kindness and acceptance…

So that’s why I’m wondering, when you imagine the FANTASTIC version of yourself, do you imagine:

  • freedom from emotional eating, loving nutritious food, and fewer cravings
  • more confidence, being more comfortable in your skin, more adventures (feeling uncomfortable or insecure is no longer a reason to miss out), a sense of success and self assured-ness (I can do anything), popularity (being so comfortable in your own skin that you become your own leader and an inspiration to others),
  • more control (being able to say yes or no to yourself and others and make better decisions in line with your values),
  • more choices (you suddenly realise you have more options than you ever knew existed), better health (you have more energy, vitality and hope of longevity than ever), a new identity (that you love)?

What if you could change your patterns, what if you could stop your “dieting |relapse” cycle in its tracks by getting to the bottom of what is driving your behavior?  Imagine what it would be like to heal your relationship with food, eat to nourish, recover your self esteem, feel more powerful and in control of and love with yourself.

Watch this short video to see what some of our clients have to say about Size Fantastic:

When people are shown the Size Fantastic way,  they experience a different version of themselves.  That starts them down a whole new journey.  It’s powerful.  Being your Size Fantastic means more than a number on a scale.  It’s about being your best “YOU”.

Healthy weight loss solutions that you can trust and that work long term can be hard to find, especially because most don’t address the hidden factors contributing to your situation, instead they are ruthlessly marketed to you hitting you where you are vulnerable and promising you the world.  And then, either they don’t work, or you give up… and it reinforces a “failure, despair and hopelessness” pattern.

We have created a solution that you can do safely from the comfort of your own home, privately.   With everything you need to succeed in  your own time.  We provide the strategy, the tools, the resources the support so you know exactly what you need to do.

We go beyond meal plans.  You will discover exactly how to eat, but you have flexibility with what you eat.  We don’t believe in strict diets or starving you.  You will discover that when you eat the right foods, in the right way, cravings go away, you feel nourished and full of energy, and you actually feel more in control of your eating.

We also help you heal your relationship with food and eating.  When you are able to get to the bottom of what is driving your emotional eating or whatever your eating habits are that you wish you could change…  you suddenly feel more empowered.  You understand yourself better.  Let’s face it, when you are busy and in the daily grind of life, big changes or disruptions to your routine feel impossible.  That is why we give you a step by step structure, support and a system that is less intrusive and takes the context of your life (who you are) into account.

Size Fantastic is the “Better Life”
shot you can’t buy in a pill…

or some “quick weight loss” program…

It’s a “lighter way of living”.

If you’re reading this page you have probably been on a diet before, you may even have a pretty good idea of what you “should be eating and doing” to lose weight. 
But then why hasn’t it worked?

What if you had access to a few important questions and insights that could give you compassionate insight into yourself?

What’s going on for you in your life right now?  What’s influencing you most: your job, your stress levels, your family, your friends?  What do you have access to: how much support do you have; what’s your environment like: safe or toxic?  Do you know what makes you tick, and what the modern day triggers that affect you most are (is it juggling a career and kids, is it drive-throughs and convenience food, the lollie aisle, the smell of the coffee shop or bakery, TV ads)?  How happy and supported do you feel?  Do you have what you need to succeed?  What if there was a way you explore all these questions for yourself, without judgement, in a safe and private way so that you could get your needs met and feel fulfilled?

Sometimes we get so busy or pulled along by the current of life, that we don’t pause long enough to check in withourselves, or we put ourselves last and set our needs aside.  What would it be like to stop “coping”, pushing through and to actually feel fulfilled?

You can’t do this alone… but you can do it from the privacy and comfort of your own home, with us to walk beside you, guide you and support you.


As an added BONUS, we include a real live accountability partner, who will contact you IN PERSON by phone every fortnight, to provide supportive encouragement and accountability!

This feature alone can make the difference between success and failure in your weight loss journey!

The Size Fantastic Complete Online Course

This unique  online program combines video training, blueprint downloads, and the complete Size Fantastic set of downloadable manuals and resources ,  and is delivered 100% online over 100 days with the course material being made available to you at regular intervals so you can engage with the content one step at a time, which significantly improves your implementation, and results!

You get to engage with the course content from the privacy and convenience of your own home without the hassle or stresses of being part of a classroom-based group!

Approaching my 50th birthday… Size Fantastic has been an investment in my future and my future health. I have dropped about 10 kilos and 2 dress sizes in 5 months, and I’m loving the journey.My biggest hurdle was to realise i had to do this for me and not for anyone else!

Belinda, BrisbaneBusiness Manager

I had had 25 plus years of yo yo dieting and in desperation and feeling very stuck with where I was, I came to Lisa. With confidence I can say I will never be on another diet in my life and that is a very liberating thing to say! My priority was to find a lifestyle that I could sustain and live my values and that is exactly what has happened.

Clare, BrisbanePersonal Trainer and Mum

How is this program different from other programs?

The secret weapon of the program though is that unlike traditional approaches, it gets to the heart of the cause of the weight gain so that weight loss is more sustainable.

We help break out of old destructive patterns and create empowered habits and more control.  Imagine a life where you obsess less about food and have more freedom to eat, all the time enjoying more energy, more vitality and better control over your weight. Size Fantastic shows you another version of yourself.

It opens a door to a new way of living, that makes sense and feels possible and gives you a toolbox to create a new normal, regardless of your genetics and your past experience.

We give you:

  • The process: we take you on a 100 day journey step by step, from Start, to Day 100 when you will have had all the course content made available to you through our online learning portal.  We make the content available to you in bite-sized lessons, so you don’t get overwhelmed!Need More Time: At the end of the fourth month, you can elect to continue to stay part of the Size Fantastic community, access the material, and interact with the Private Facebook Group, just by continuing your payments…  on a month by month basis for up to an extra four months.  Thereafter you can gain complementary access for the balance of the year.  (We’re going to stop your payments, and you still get to retain access to all the content, and the community for the remainder of the 12 months!
  • The tools: we give you tools you need like nutrition focused meal plans and recipes, movement goals and plans to suit any lifestyle, mindset strategies and tools so that you can manage yourself through triggers and self sabotage.
  • The courage: we create a safe place and an unshakable belief in yourself so that you have the courage and confidence to take the necessary steps and…
  • The support: without the accountability and encouragement you need, you won’t get very far, that’s why we create lots of support contact points with our fortnightly LIVE accountability call, which means you can go all the way to YOUR Size Fantastic.

Now that’s exciting: “What are you like when you are at your best?”

When you’re the best version of you: Everyone Wins!

Let’s boost that self esteem, reclaim your self worth, nourish your body and shrink those fat cells… it’s time to be your Size Fantastic!

Every day you delay, you only make it harder for yourself. 

Did you know that once you grow new fat cells you can shrink them by “emptying them” but you can’t get rid of them and the more you have the more fat you store!That’s why the time to act for your health and sanity’s sake is now

Ignorance will not protect you: the truth, awareness, education, support and action are what will get you the results you are hungering for.  And that is what the Size Fantastic Program is all about: a fresh start!

Here is a list and brief explanation of the content and resources included in the course:

  • Lisa’s story: Sometimes it’s nice to know that someone can relate to where we are and what we are feeling.  Lisa shares some personal and intimate truths about her own journey with food, and how she finally arrived at a healthier place.
  • Self Esteem and Self Awareness modules: Video presentations highlighting two important but often underestimated factors behind successful weight loss:In mindful self inquiry you practice recognising and accepting many different aspects of yourself without being self critical.   This opens a door to a deeper understanding of what is driving your behavior and self compassion is born.  Self esteem is rooted in acceptance, belonging and self love.
  • Complete Nutritionally Balanced Meal Plan and nutrition based system for eating that can be easily and completely customised to suit your individual preferences.  When your body is nourished, you experience fewer cravings, more energy, better health and better weight control.
  • 2 day Meal Planner blank template for you to print out, personalise and stick on your fridge.  Sometimes it is easier to plan two days in advance, though if you wanted to do 3 or 4 at a time, that is fine too!
  • Recipe Book containing over 80 easy to cook, healthy and tasty everyday recipes and meal ideas.  If you haven’t learned to cook or you haven’t cooked much, it can be daunting trying to feed yourself nutritious meals day after day.  That’s why we have made it easy for you: meal plans, recipe book, shopping templates, and more… so that all you have to do is follow the system.
  • Shopping List template, so that you can quickly jot down your essentials and easily navigate your way through the supermarket maze and be super prepared for the days ahead.
  • Fully customisable Exercise Plans and strategies to suit your individual preferences and needs, and level of “busy-ness”
  • Over 8 hours of video tutorials covering: nutrition, mindset and exercise
  • Video Tutorials by exercise physiologist showing you exactly how to exercise anywhere, anytime, any place to make it easier to move more often and become fit and toned (safely and effectively)
  • Practical Nutrition tutorials breaking down the key facts and important principles you need to know about eating to nourish and eating for sustainable weight loss
  • Foundations of nutrition video presentation and cheat sheet 
  • Gut health tutorial: so you can understand the role of your digestive system in weight loss, health, immunity and know how to keep it healthy.
  • Cooking demonstrations: Lisa cooks and prepares a few quick and easy dishes to help get you started in the kitchen.
  • Nutrition myth busting video tutorials: Finally someone to talk you through all the grey areas and all the nutritional “anomalies” so that you can settle on comfortable knowledge base and blur out the confusion and contradictions and white noise in cyber space.
  • Mindset Factor video tutorials: self leadership versus deprivation and willpower.  Willpower has a shelf life, it tends to run out just when we need it most.  If you are busy, or have a family or both, it is easy to feel tired and overwhelmed.  Ego Depletion and Decision Fatigue kick in, and it’s hard to find the motivation to do the “right thing”.  That’s where self leadership, mindfulness and creating successful keystone habits come in, and we cover all of this and more in these lessons.
  • The Habit Change Formula: Habits are not just time and effort savers, they can be life savers.  It our minds way of outsourcing attention so that it can free up focus for the present moment or where and when it needs it most at that time.  This lesson is the: How to make and break habits, step by step practical explanation on the science of human behaviour and creating and breaking habits.
  • Weekly prompter emails: helpful notifications as new content is released during each month; reminders to keep you on track and keep you engaged in the program so that you get maximum value and maximum results
  • Accountability & Support Partner: Fortnightly check in, support and accountability call from one of our team to help keep you on track.  Let’s face it, we can lose interest, be faced with doubt, run out of steam and get disillusioned if we don’t have access to support, that’s why: we’ve got your back!
  • Understanding Mental Eating triggers: Video Tutorial on the role of your environment and the many different ways it influences your weight. Understanding this better is crucial in order to navigate your way through it.
  • Maintenance recap: Summary of making and sustaining change webinar live recording
  • Worksheets, personal reflections and activities to help you gain useful insights into your own triggers, behaviors, values, needs and motivating forces
  • Food intake tracking template: Tracking what you eat helps to combat “eating amnesia” where you forget what and how much you have eaten.  It also helps you to eat consciously, because you are more aware of what you are eating.  Finally it keeps you accountable, there is a visable record (if you report honestly, which of course you would) or what you are eating, when and why and how much, which means it is easy to identify your eating patterns, check your progress and make changes if and where you need to, or ask for help.
  • Body measurement assessment template: it might not always be fine in the beginning marking down your measurements but it is such a great feeling as you watch numbers shift and change and you are able to mark and celebrate your progress.Your weight alone is a poor marker of health, and “fat loss” success.  Take before photos, write down your clothes sizes, mark where you do up your belt, take all possible measurements, and write down your starting point.  Also consider going to the doctor and getting your blood nutrient profiles and overall health markers like cholesterol and blood sugar checked, because as you become healthier and your body is nourished and as you shift weight, these too will change for the better.  The more measurements at the start, the more celebrations at the end!
  • Online support forum: closed Facebook members only group.  Size Fantastic has grown into a community of like minded supporters.
  • Prizes for goals achieved
  • Annual Bonus events: Live or Webinar

At Size Fantastic we’re excited about the quality of the course and training material provided.  Of course, we can’t provide guarantees about results that you’ll get because we don’t know how much action you’re going to take!

But if, for whatever reason, in the first 30 days, you don’t believe the content we provide you is useful and worthwhile, we’ll gladly offer you a no questions asked refund, just contact our support!

You can also cancel your course subscription at any time.

You’re probably wondering what all this life changing material is going to cost?

The face-to-face program Lisa runs costs over $2,000, and Lisa charges $150 per session for personal consults… that would work out at thousands of dollars for you to get anywhere near the same amount of valuable input, information, strategy, and practical implementation assistance this course is going to provide you.

But we wanted to make this online program much more affordable!

In fact you’re going to see how much of a giveaway we’ve made this course for you, considering you’re going to be implementing changes, shifts and improvements into your life that will last a LIFETIME!  (Remember this is not some short-term fitness challenge where you lose a few kilos, feel good for a few weeks, but then find yourself putting it all back on, and more, within a year!)

This is SUSTAINABLE, re-programming of your MENTAL MODELS, AND putting in your hands the cutting-edge methodologies to finally have lasting success in the area of weight-control and life-optimisation!

This course is selling for a limited time only, for just US$97 per month for just four months.

This gives you full access to everything to complete your 100 day program.  After that you can elect to stay in the program and continue to use all the content, the accountability calls, and Lisa’s up-to-date resources.  After another four months, we stop charging you and you, but you still get access to the portal materials for the balance of 12 mths (maximum of 8 payments only!).

And, you can cancel at any time.

Size Fantastic Nutritionist Designed Online Weight Management Program AU
At $1500 this course would be worth every cent… considering you’re going to be implementing changes, shifts and improvements into your life that can last a LIFETIME, and improve the thing you can’t put a price tag on: your health (and your life)!  (Remember this is not some short-term fitness challenge where you lose a few kilos, feel good for a few weeks, but then find yourself putting it all back on, and more, within a year!)(Consider how much money you have invested or wasted in fads, gimmicks, yoyo-dieting or “quick fixes” over the years… for stuff that didn’t last and didn’t get you the results you had hoped for.)

This is SUSTAINABLE, re-programming of your MENTAL MODELS (your mindset and existing knowledge base and habits), AND putting in your hands the cutting-edge methodologies (the what and how strategies and techniques) to finally have lasting success in the area of healthy weight-loss and life-optimisation!

That’s why at an easy pricing of just $97 (US)/mth this is a no brainer if you want to really get some results in 2015, that stick around beyond a few months!

(Which means for $500 (US) you can get all the strategy, resources and support you need to make lasting change. But we have made an easy monthly payment arrangement available for you so you are not out of pocket.)  (This is a quarter of the usual price people have been willing to pay for this life changing program and outstanding value).

Size Fantastic Nutritionist Designed Online Weight Management Program AU

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